Winter Photos

All photos are Copyright by the photographer. All rights reserved.

  Photo by Dave Lindman
A cold day with snow blowing across frozen Lake Hubert in the Winter of 2003

Photo by Karen Erickson
On a balmy day in March, 2003, Ann Thompson and friend David Korte checked out the huge shifting ice that appeared about 20 feet off the southeast side of Lake Hubert. There were so many stones picked up by the ice that, "It looked like a masonry wall in-between the sheets of ice," remarked David. Both sheets of ice had picked up riprap and natural stones that lay on the lake bed.

  Photo by Dave Lindman
March 2003 Ice Ridge at south shore of Lake Hubert

Photo by John Holbrook
Lake Hubert on a sunny day in December

Photo by John Holbrook
Shoreline Ice Heaves in 2006

Photo by John Holbrook
A gray winter day at the N.E. corner of  Lake Hubert.

Photo by John Holbrook
Looking South on a cloudy winter day.

Photo by David Lindman
Christmas Sunrise over Lake Hubert

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