Bill Bergersen, Treasurer
Lake Hubert Conservation Association
P.O. Box 1352, Lake Hubert, MN 56459-1352

February 2005


Once again it is time to renew your lake association dues of $35.00 for the calendar year of 2005. We need the financial support of everyone in this lake community. This support benefits all of us and I am confident you will take this opportunity to uphold the Associations efforts in adding to the value of your property.

Because of interest being expressed by some extended family members of lake residents wanting to learn more about Lake Hubert and the LHCA, a new membership category has been established: Associate Member. To become an Associate Member, there must first be a Regular Member like yourself. Associate membership will be $15.00 per year providing all the Regular Membership benefits of newsletters, Lake Maps, and directories with the exception of voting rights. When paying Associate Membership dues, please include names and addresses for each.

Please consider giving an additional TAX-FREE DONATION over and above your regular dues to support special lake projects or maintain the Environmental Trust Fund. Indicate below if you have any preference of how you would like the donation allocated.

Water quality / special lake projects include: implementation of the Lake Management Plan; lake monitoring for the presence of phosphorus; monitoring of shoreline and watershed development to determine potential impact of the health of the lake; maintenance of the Lake Hubert Depot; and this year, printing/distribution of the updated lake directory and lake map.

The Environmental Trust Fund has been established to assist the Association in responding quickly to the threats of environmental damage that could occur if certain undesirable exotic species of plant or animal life are accidentally introduced in Lake Hubert such as Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussel. The DNR has recommended a $10,000 fund should be maintained in order to respond quickly with control or eradication measures. Note : Curly leaf pondweed has been found in Lake Hubert and the Association is already involved in its eradication.

    Thank you for your support.           For the Board of Directors,

               Bill Bergersen, Treasurer  (218-963-2827)


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