The Lake Hubert
Conservation Association
Winter Newsletter
February 2006


Chuck and Marcia Corchran continue to update and maintain our excellent web site on a regular basis. Please check often to stay current on local news, to utilize links to other important sites, and to enjoy essays and photographs from our contributors.

The importance of our web site and e-mail directory was dramatically apparent in January when the LHCA became aware of the proposed “bed and breakfast” project on the east side of the Lake. After issuing an e-mail alert to our membership, over 400 “hits” were recorded on the web site within a two-day period from folks seeking additional information concerning the project. Since there was a very short timeline for public response to this project, the only way the LHCA could contact the membership was by e-mail and use of the web site.

Thus it is vitally important for you to keep us current on your e-mail address. So, please contact us at regarding any changes in e-mail, phone numbers, or mailing address. Also, we are always looking for news and contributions to the web site so please tell us if you have anything of interest that our readers would enjoy.


This year’s winter has been one of the mildest ever recorded. While last January, the thermometer fell as low as 38 below, this season’s daytime highs have been in the low 30’s and the lows have rarely reached zero.

The net effect of all of this is the old good news, bad news story. The good news is that area septic systems are not freezing and heating bills have been quite reasonable. The bad news is that there isn’t much snow for cross country skiers and snowmobilers and the ice has often been marginally safe.

Does all of this mean an early spring and ice break up? If conditions persist as they have, look for ice out by very early April.


Local anglers reported some walleye success in December shortly after the ice was safe for fishing. However, since early January, fishing has slowed considerably and only a few fish houses currently remain on Lake Hubert.

Typically, fishing will pick up significantly in March when the sunfish and crappies start their spring bite. This is often the time when crappies, in particular, can be over fished on our lake. Perhaps this year, ice conditions will be dangerous enough to limit heavy angling pressure. That would, indeed, preserve more of the crappie population for our summer residents.


Your annual dues for 2006 are now due and payable. Please help the LHCA represent your interests by renewing your membership. After the last episode of proposed development on our lake, it is obvious why you should stay current on your LHCA dues. You should have received a dues letter from Bill Bergersen, LHCA Treasurer, along with the winter newsletter in the mail. Regular membership is $35.00 per year. Associate membership is $15.00 per year (to become an associate member, there must first be a regular membership for your property). Many LHCA members use associate memberships to keep their children and other family members informed about Lake Hubert matters since all associate members receive the newsletters.

If you have questions about dues or need another copy of the dues notice, please contact the LHCA, Bill Bergersen, P.O. Box 1352, Lake Hubert, MN 56459-1352 (or you can phone him at his number listed in the LHCA Directory).