Autumn greetings to all of you!  We hope that you are able to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year at Lake Hubert, especially if you can take some time to savor the fall weather and the great colors around the lake.

The following is an update on recent news affecting Lake Hubert brought to you by the Lake Hubert Conservation Association (

What Happened to My Survey from Last Year?

If you recall, during the summer of 2005, Lake Hubert residents were asked to complete a rather comprehensive survey dealing with issues and concerns that you have regarding our lake. You were most cooperative in completing the survey as the return rate exceeded 80%, a most impressive total that helped to statistically validate the survey results (indeed, even the most controversial political surveys do not have this type of success!).

The LHCA Board of Directors spent many hours tabulating and studying the survey results including your personal comments that were very valuable for the Board to read. (a summary of the survey is included in this newsletter). After reviewing all of this, the Board decided to use the survey data as part of the LHCA annual meeting activities in an effort to provide an appropriate forum for all of our members to further express their thoughts and concerns that were originally identified by the survey.

Thus, at the annual 2006 meeting, the LHCA engaged the services of Kathy Bussard from the “Healthy Lakes and Rivers Project” to facilitate small group discussion to help clarify and focus on possible action plans to address issues and concerns brought forth from our membership. Again, due to the large and enthusiastic turn out at the annual meeting, the LHCA was able to come away with a set of definite items and potential goals to address. This information was then grouped into three categories for eventual follow up discussion and to share with the membership:

1. What the LHCA Board Can Address
2. What the LHCA Can Not Address
3. What you as a Lake Hubert Resident Can Address

What the LHCA Board Can Address

• Promote and provide information on the Conservation Easement Program.
• Revise, update, and distribute the Lake Hubert Handbook.
• Provide improved communication to the membership via e-mail, web site, and periodic newsletters.
• Provide information and educational materials on shoreline management and shoreline improvement consistent with DNR and other regulations.
• Provide regular water quality monitoring and reporting.
• Encourage proper septic system maintenance and upkeep.
• Contact and encourage local law enforcement agencies to crack down on local speeding on our roads.
• Provide better signage at the public landing.
• Assist lake owners to purchase appropriate utilities (i.e. water softeners) and products that are “lake friendly” to help improve water quality.
• Promote a sense of “Lake Stewardship” among ALL lake residents.
• Help market and promote Camp Lincoln and Camp Hubert in order to sustain their continued success in the future.
• Provide weed monitoring on a regular and timely basis including removal of exotic weed species (i.e. curly leaf pond) when appropriate.
• Attend local governmental and environmental meetings that affect Lake Hubert. Provide information to the membership on issues of importance resulting from such meetings.

What the LHCA Can Not Address

• Zoning enforcement
• Making laws or regulations affecting Lake Hubert and the local area.
• Enforcing existing laws and regulations.
• Inspecting boats and other watercraft at the public landing.
• Inspecting and monitoring private septic systems.
• Jurisdictional issues between Nisswa and Lake Edward Township.
• Lobbying or becoming involved in property tax issues.
• Providing “armed patrols” on the lake (just kidding).
• Settling disputes with your neighbors

What you as a Lake Hubert Resident Can Address

• Keeping your shoreline “natural” and managing it in accordance with
good conservation practices.
• Prevent lake pollution from beach fires, fire pit ashes and debris, and
     from fireworks.
• Making sure your septic system is maintained and in compliance.
• Use “lake friendly” utilities and products to help insure water quality.
• Be aware of how bright night lighting can create “light pollution” for others. Thus, use appropriate “light etiquette.”
• Keep pets leashed or confined to your own property. Properly dispose of pet waste away from the lake.
• Protect and appreciate aquatic plants native to the lake especially the reed beds that serve as a natural filter of lake water.
• Avoid gas and oil spills into the lake from motor boat tank refills.
• Be aware of the impact on water quality by impervious surfaces that result in direct run off into the lake.
• Continue active membership in the LHCA and attend the annual meeting
(additional tax deductible donations are always most appreciated).
• Keep current on Lake Hubert news by frequent visits to the web site and by reading newsletters and other publications.
• Learn about “Conservation Easement” and how it can reduce your taxes and help improve water quality.
• Finally, being considerate of all lake residents and lake users.

So, now what will happen?

Based on the survey information you have previously provided to us that has now been refined and clarified by the activities at the annual meeting, the Board of Directors intends to renew its efforts to successfully address those issues and concerns that are reasonable possible for a volunteer group to implement on a continuing basis. Future newsletters will communicate our progress in implementing what you have stressed as our priorities. The LHCA Board of Directors and other volunteers who have assisted the Board in this survey process would like to thank you for your fantastic cooperation.
Indeed, this will help all of us to do a better job in keeping our precious lake healthy and clean for both us and for future generations to follow.

 * News Notes and Brief Updates  *

# Please try to keep current with our web site that is typically updated every
two or three weeks. Besides comprehensive news and information about
Lake Hubert, the web site also has quick connections to numerous other
important links including the DNR. Again, the web site address is

# Besides the items featured in the fall newsletter, please check out the other
      information that is enclosed including:
• “Rainwater Matters” dealing with impervious surfaces.
• Summary of the 2005 LHCA Survey Results
• A set of “definitions” relating to commonly used terms relating to lake quality, shorelines, aquatic matters, pollution, etc.
(These items appear below)

# The LHCA Board will be working on a new and improved handbook, A Guide for Lakeshore Owners, as one of its projects for next year.
# An updated Lake Hubert Directory is also in the works. If you have had a recent change in address, phone number, and especially e-mail address, please contact Marcia Corchran at her phone number listed in the Lake Hubert directory or at

# The LHCA conducted a very successful fund raising sale this summer of jackets, mugs, and the few remaining caps that were not sold from last year.  All of this netted over $2100 for our treasury. We thank you for your help in making this effort such a great success!

# Finally, a plea to those of you who haven’t joined the Lake Hubert Conservation Association to now join up! Currently over 80% of our lake residents belong to the Association. There is also a large number of associate members who belong and receive our newsletters and e-mails. If there is a reason for not joining, or a past issue that needs to be discussed, please contact us and the Association would be happy to listen to your concerns.  Dues are only $35 annually and are entirely tax deductible as are any donations that might be made to the general fund or to the upkeep of the historic Lake Hubert depot.

# Hope that everyone has a great fall!   Next newsletter will be in January 2007.