JUNE 2004
This newsletter contains information about our annual Lake Hubert Conservation Association (LHCA) meeting which is on Saturday, June 26, at 9:00 a.m. at Lutheran Church of the Cross. It may seem difficult to give up some time on a beautiful June Saturday morning to attend a meeting, but nevertheless, it is important for you to be there, if possible.
It is at this annual meeting where you will receive the latest information on LHCA activities and projects that directly impact Lake Hubert. It is a chance to meet and socialize with lake neighbors. It is also an opportunity to meet your LHCA board members and learn how to communicate your concerns and issues with them.
Our meeting on June 26 is particularly special for several reasons. If your current dues are paid, you will receive a free updated lake map and the new Lake Hubert Directory. You'll be able to learn about our web site and how that will be used to improve communication with you. Finally, we have arranged for a guest speaker to present what the future may bring for sewer and septic system management for the Lake Hubert area.
So, if you haven't been to our annual meeting or have missed it the last few years, please give us a try. For those of you who attend regularly, we will be anxious to see you again. And if you have questions or concerns about the annual meeting, please give me a call at 963-4407.
See you on June 26!
John Holbrook
LHCA President
Decorate your boat and join us Sunday, July 4th at 10:00 am in Sunset Bay on Lake Hubert for our annual boat parade.  The parade circles the shores of Lake Hubert and lasts about one hour.
Summer 2005 will be the 95th anniversary for the camps. Started in 1909 as Camp Blake on the west side of Lake Hubert, the name was changed to Camp Lincoln in the early twenties. Camp Lake Hubert opened in 1927 on the south side of the lake. It is hard to believe that 100 years will come along in just five more seasons.
While a small crew has been working all winter long on various projects at both camps, the biggest change has been in the remodeling of the two cabins on the north end of Camp Lincoln. These cabins house the older boys during the regular part of the summer, as well as some of the specialty camps throughout the season. A planned remodeling of most of the camper cabins is scheduled for the next few years.
The camping season begins with some of the staff arriving in mid-May to help put in the docks, clean up the grounds, and set up the more than 30 land and water activities. The official nine-day staff development and training period begins on June 5. The first group of campers arrives June 15, with two and four week traditional programs throughout the summer, as well as specialty camps in golf, tennis, fishing, as well as a family camp. A few groups rent out the camps in late August and September to round out the season.
The mission of the camps is, "… to provide a high quality camping and recreational experience for children and adults by enhancing the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of each individual." The camp's web site is
Scott Hough has been keeping the channel between Hubert and Clark open and running. Consider volunteering for helping his team, which is always grateful for assistance.

We have learned of the following deaths over the winter, Ann Mulrooney, Emma Kletschka, Dr. Harold Kletschka, C. E. Corchran and Mary Elizabeth Lahiff. We extend our sympathy to their families, all of which have long histories on Lake Hubert.
The channel between Clark and Hubert has been open all winter with water flowing into Hubert the entire time.
Louis Hoglund, in his farewell editorial after two decades with the Lake Country Echo, wrote, "The "lake movement" was a fascinating phenomenon 20 years ago. A host of younger retirees settled in at their lake homes and began behaving like environmentalists. Most of them successful in various professions, they brought new vitality to the lake country and began organizing for the betterment of water quality. Most of them were longtime seasonal residents; some of them with deep bonds dating back decades. How will the next wave of retirees impact the lake country? Indicators suggest that things are changing. Folks with lots of money are buying lots of lakeshore property. Nothing wrong with having money. Quite often they also have a home in the Twin Cities, a place in Arizona, and a ski condo in Colorado. No issue with that, either. But folks with so many vested interests and distractions elsewhere are not likely to be active citizens and participants in the lake country community".
Bid farewell to the charming Lake Edward town hall at the east end of County Road 13. It will be torn down soon to be replaced by a steel building. Voters chose that path last March. This will be of interest especially to the half of Lake Hubert residents who live in Lake Edward Township.
Based on GPS technology and other advanced mapping techniques, some firms are attempting to generate new and more accurate maps of Minnesota lakes and their underwater structures. One firm that has completed such a map of Lake Hubert, and that offers it for sale in various electronic and printed formats at reasonable prices, is Lakemaster in Little Falls (1-800-540-5747 or ).
All Lake Hubert women are invited to attend the monthly luncheons of the Lake Hubert Women's Club. The June meting will be held June 10 at the Quarterdeck. Contact Linda Youngs for reservations: 218-963-0945

We welcome an unusually high number of new people who have moved to Lake Hubert during the past year. Such an accounting is often behind the fact and may contain omissions, but to the best of our knowledge they are: Robert and Rachel Cullinan of Elk River, Jeft and Heather Larson of Plymouth, Diane Pogatchnik, Michele Deline from England, Bill Ebertz and Molly Nolin of West Des Moines, Jim and Stacy O'Rourke of Nisswa , Dan and Kelly Kubes of St. Paul, and Michael and Renee Stoebe of Sartell. The owners of the new Alluring Pines, Inc. are: Paul Amundson and Nancy Leitch of Plymouth, John and Amy Schmitz of St. Cloud, Tom and Barb O'Brien of St. Cloud, Doug Bishoff and Sally Klein of St. Cloud, Brad and Ruth Kuhlman of St. Cloud, Barry and Leslie LaBine of St. Cloud, Dave and LaRae Sehr of St. Cloud, and Joel and Jennifer Spalding of Sartell. To keep our records as up to date as possible, notify Marcia Corchran, the directory record-keeper, when you gain a new neighbor--and bid welcome to the new people listed above.

At the annual meeting hats bearing the Lake Hubert name over a sailboat logo will be for sale, thanks to the efforts of MJ Cote and Newby Gruenhagen. The golf/baseball style hats come in red or khaki and will cost $12. They will be available all summer by contacting Newby (218-963-3018 or A portion of the $12 will go to the lake association. They would make great gifts for family members, for visitors,--and for yourself.

Please consider the creation of a conservation easement over any woods, wetlands or other natural habitat on your land. The Lake Association can guide you through every step of this process. Besides the obvious benefits to future generations that are conferred by the preservation of natural habitat, a conservation easement can provide the following benefits to landowners: income tax deductions, property tax reductions, and reductions in estate taxes For more information contact Jeff Schoenwetter at 218-963-3333 or 952-926-9125 or Gary Eidson at 952-922-4722

May 13 saw the inauguration of the first Nisswa Farmers' Market, sponsored by the Nisswa Chamber at Commerce. It will be held weekly in the lower parking lot at the Nisswa American Legion , Thursdays, through October, from 9:00 am until 1:30 pm, or until sold out. There will be plenty of signage to direct you to the location. Vendors at the spring market were selling plants of various sorts--vegetables, herbs, flowers, and hanging baskets, as well as baked goods, meats, hand-crafted items, honey, etc. As the season progresses we can perhaps expect to find fresh garden produce as well.

Chuck Corchran, vice-president
Harold Stewart, vice-president external affairs
Linda Youngs, secretary
Bill Bergerson, treasurer
John Engen
George Vilfordi
Len Anderson
Gary Eidson
Ellie Ellingson
Jane Gruenhagen
Jeff Schoenwetter
Marcia Corchran, LHWC rep.
Barbara Peterson, newsletter
MJ Cote, camp representative
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