February 2005

It’s been a quiet winter here at Lake Moneybegone (Lake Hubert), our hometown lake. In contrast to the Twin Cities area, we have had sufficient snow to protect septic lines and drain fields. The cross country skiers have been happy and the ice is plenty thick for those driving out to fish (a lot of ice can be made when it gets down to 36 below zero). Once again, we have some big ice heaves towards shore especially on the northeast side close to Jerry William’s place. Some minor shore damage has been observed. Now, the latest news.

Aerial Survey
AW Research Associates conducted an aerial survey of our lake just before freeze up in November. The purpose of the survey was to check on water quality, sources of possible pollution, septic seepage, plus other tests related to the health of the lake. Much of the funding for the survey came from the generosity of a $4000 grant from the Cote Foundation. Results of the survey will soon be forthcoming and will be shared at the annual meeting on June 18th.

It might be mentioned that AW’s instrumentation is so sophisticated that they have been hired by Los Angeles County in California to estimate rat populations based on urine samples in the ground. Hmmm……..those of you who have been “doing your thing” on backyard trees, beware, AW Research is going to know!

Donation to the Initiative Foundation
The LHCA has recently donated $250 to the Initiative Foundation (IF) in Little Falls. Over the past several years, the Initiative Foundation has been most generous in providing training and funding for Lake Hubert projects especially in promoting lake water quality. Later this year, the LHCA will be participating in another IF sponsored training session and the LHCA will also be submitting a grant application to update the Lake Hubert Management Plan. We are hoping that our humble donation will serve as a thank you for all the help the IF has provided in the past and, hopefully, again in the near future.

Bass Fishing Update
Late last summer in an effort to improve bass fishing on our lake, the Department of Natural Resources proposed some new restrictions effective this May. The LHCA membership was polled by e-mail and web site regarding our potential support of this DNR proposal. Nearly two thirds of those who responded supported some sort of restriction either by total “catch and release” or by a 12” size limit. Based partly on LHCA response, the DNR will adopt the 12” size limit for both smallmouth and largemouth bass effective this spring. The possession limit of six fish for each species will not change although it is hoped that everyone will practice “catch and release” on all smallmouth bass caught in Lake Hubert. By the way, Rock Bass anglers should not despair as your favorite fish has been spared any new restrictions.

Web Site:
Our outstanding web site ( maintained by Chuck and Marcia Corchran continues to be updated on a regular basis. Please visit the web site monthly for the latest news around the lake. You’ll also be able to read about the ferocious Northern Pike that has been terrorizing the lake since late autumn (check out the humor page). Please remember that Marcia and Chuck are always looking for your contributions to the web site. This includes photos, announcements, stories (fact or fiction), juicy gossip about your neighbors, or whatever you can think of that would be of interest to our readers. Also, please remember to contact us at whenever your address, phone number, or e-mail changes so that we can keep our demographic files current.

“Big Orange” Dies
“Big Orange,” a very large tomcat that lived on the north side of Lake Hubert, met an untimely death in late November on County Road 13. According to residents living close to the Depot, this big cat had bullied and beat up all other cats in that neighborhood.
A welcomed feline peace has presently occurred among surviving cats with the passing of “Big Orange.”

New Nomination Process for Board Members
Effective this year, the LHCA will implement a new nomination process for prospective board members. Anyone who now wishes to run for the LHCA Board will need to complete the “Board Nomination Form” which is included in this newsletter (click here to see a printable version of the form). The completed form should then be returned to the LHCA before May 6th. Candidates for the board will be contacted by current board members regarding board duties and responsibilities and to answer any questions candidates may have. All candidates, including incumbents, will have time during the annual meeting to introduce themselves and share reasons why they are running for the board. A formal election by the LHCA membership by ballot will then occur.

The LHCA welcomes your involvement in this process as new board members are needed. Please be aware that the LHCA is in particular need of a new treasurer and a newsletter editor. Thus, if you want to be on the board, please strongly consider one of
these positions.

And that’s the news from Lake Moneybegone where all the taxes are high, all the septic systems are hopefully in compliance, and all the lake residents will again be joining the LHCA. Take care.

Please Click Here for an important message from LHCA Treasurer Bill Bergersen.