Statement of Mission

The mission of the LHCA is to encourage the residents of the lake and their guests to:

- Encourage residents of the lake and their guests to use the natural resources of our lake conservatively,
- Strive for improvement of the Lake's water quality,
- Strive for improvement of the Lake's fishery,
- Promote water safety and courtesy,
- Encourage a sense of community among the residents.
- Actively participate in the gathering and sharing of lake conservation knowledge with neighboring lake associations, and the MN DNR, and other organizations that strive for better use and management of lake resources.
- Be responsible for the upkeep and preservation of the Lake Hubert Depot.

The mission is achieved primarily by education and communication through:

- Periodic meetings of the Association,
- The actions of its elected Board of Directors,
- The activities of its functional committees,
- Publication of The Lake Hubert Map and Handbook,
- The distribution of informative, educational newsletters to all residents of Lake Hubert
- The establishment and maintenance of the Lake Hubert Web Site