Lake Hubert Management Plan

The Board of Directors, in consultation with A.W. Research, developed a long-term Lake Management Plan. This plan was approved at the annual meeting in June 2000. As a result of the survey of the residents of the lake, the following goals were developed:

GOAL 1: Maintain and/or improve water quality of Lake Hubert

- This goal will be measured against the following criteria:

 A. The historic record of water quality (1939-2003) presented within the Lake Management Plan,

 B. A Trophic Status Index (TSI) Value of 38 which reflects the water quality necessary for Lake Hubert to achieve its best possible fisheries management and public use.

 C. Septic System review of all lake residents.

GOAL 2: Monitor, interpret, and control tributaries of Lake Hubert as necessary.

- Lake Hubert has two tributaries and four wetlands that either contribute to or remove nutrients from the lake.

GOAL 3: Promote "Best Possible" sustainable fishing compatible with the water quality goals of the lake.

GOAL 4: Promote lake safety

- Provide and enhance safe practices and conditions for all lake users, including boaters, the fishing community, swimmers, children, etc.

GOAL 5: Control land use to promote water quality and aesthetic value.

GOAL 6: Maintain archives on historic and cultural resources.

- Maintain history of the Association and continue care and maintenance of the Depot.

GOAL 7: Continue the professional stature of the Lake Hubert Conservation Association.

GOAL 8: Educate lake residents.

- Communicate with lake residents on a timely basis through the newsletter, special mailings, brochures, or electronic means the information developed from implementing the goals of the Lake Management Plan.

Each of these goals has a list of actions to implement.

A grant application was made to the Initiative Foundation, a regional foundation serving 14 counties in Central Minnesota to help support the costs involved in these goals. We are pleased to report that we will receive grant monies to support goals 1,2,& 8. A huge vote of thanks to Initiative Foundation for their generous support. Other grants are being explored to help support other goals.