Dues . . .

Membership renewals are due on January 1st each year.

- Regular Membership Dues are $95.00 per year

- Associate Membership Dues are $50.00 per year

Please make checks payable to the Lake Hubert Conservation Association, include any changes in your address or e-mail information and mail to:

LHCA Treasurer

P.O. Box 1352

Lake Hubert, MN 56459-1352

All Lake Hubert property owners are eligible for membership in the Lake Hubert Conservation Association, but only dues paying property owners are entitled to Regular Member status and benefits.

Regular Memberships

Regular Members must be the registered tax-paying owners of the property fronting on Lake Hubert. In the case of multiple ownership of a single piece of property, only one party is required to pay the Regular Member's current annual dues of $95.00. Other owners or family members can qualify as Associate Members.

Associate Memberships

Interest has been expressed by some sons and daughters of lake residence owners to learn more about Lake Hubert and the LHCA. Many of them spend considerable time at the lake and some expect to buy or inherit Lake Hubert property. To keep such family members and other friends of the lake informed about issues and events, the Associate Membership has been established.

To become an Associate Member, there must first be a Regular Member representing that property. Associate Members receive all the benefits of Regular Members, except that they have no voting rights. When applying for an Associate Membership please give the name of the Regular Member. Annual dues for an Associate Membership are $50.00.