The Lake Hubert
(containing what the North Woods Website Gnomes think is humorous)

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A Revisionist History of St. Patrick's Day
or Why There Are No Norwegians in Ireland

Pine Cone Snobbery
A story of pilfering, intrigue and snob appeal in the North woods


Story: Monster Northern Pike in Lake Hubert
By Jack Pine. A tale to rival Moby Dick, maybe.


Down With Lutefisk!
Love lutefisk? Hate it? The author of this piece has a strong opinion and perhaps a strong odor.

A 20 Second Ice Fishing Video
Ice fishing; the quiet, calm pastime. (This video may take several minutes to load if you have a slow internet connection). There's sound with this one too, so turn on your speakers.

How NOT To Cook A Frozen Turkey
If you've ever wrestled with a frozen turkey you should read this.


Ole and Lena Jokes Page
Where we post a new politically incorrect joke about the Scandanvian transplants every week.

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