This is a photo of the channel that flows between Lake Hubert and Clark Lake. The channel is located immediately west of the Lake Hubert Depot. Depending on water levels, water flows from Hubert to Clark or from Clark to Hubert. In 1997 a concrete control structure was installed between the two lakes replacing the old dam built by the WPA in the 1930s which was no longer functioning.

A fence, or weir is installed by the 30 Lakes Watershed District each spring to prevent floating vegetation from entering the channel and clogging the iron grates at the culvert ends. This weir has larger mesh near the bottom, which allows the free movement of fish.

This area was rip-rapped in 1998 with the help of Central Lakes College design students and grant moneys. Nisswa students also planted trees. In the Spring of 2000, Don Delage did all the ground prep work and then planted native grasses and wild flowers in the channel area and near the depot - many thanks to Don.

Scott Hough and Dean Rablin have been keeping the channel clean and could use additional volunteers to help them maintain the area - Thank you Scott and Dean!

Channel Work 2003

Channel Dredging In June of 2003


Approved by the 30 Lakes Watershed District and paid for by the Lake Hubert Conservation Association, Brian Stumvol and his crew dredged the channel between Lake Hubert and Clark Lake. The cleaning of this channel to maintain the water flow is needed every few years. We appreciate Brian's willingness to work with our association and Scott Hough's work in
making the arrangements.