Winter Fun
for the Whole Family on the
Coldest Night of the Year

What can you do with the kids (or all by yourself if you were ever a Mr. Wizard fan) on a forty below zero night?

You can sit in front of a cozy fire with cups of cocoa or you can snuggle up with your spouse and kids, or you can have some of the best, most amazing and educational fun you can imagine.

Here's how.

1.    Buy a bottle of what the kids call, "Bubble Stuff". You know, the bottle of soapy solution with the plastic bubble wand inside.

2.    Wait for one of those really cold Lake Hubert nights. It should be at least 30 below zero, and 40 below or lower is even better.

3.    Dress everyone in their best Nanuk outfits, turn on your outdoor light (porch light, driveway light, etc.) and head out with your bubble stuff in hand.

4.    Now for the fun. While standing where the light is good, dip the bubble wand into the bubble stuff and wave it in the air to form a bubble (don't blow with your breath to make the bubble because your breath is too warm). Watch the beautiful rainbow colors on the bubble and as it floats in the frigid air and then have one of the kids touch it with a gloved finger. The bubble will shatter into pieces like glass and the pieces will flutter to the ground. This is because the bubble's surface film has flash frozen into a solid and can't collapse into tiny droplets like it can in warmer air.

Give this a try the next time it gets really cold.

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