Advanced Preparation Tips For Power Outages

As most of us know from personal experience, power outages can happen and sometimes they last for a long time. Here are a few tips to help you be prepared.

During an electrical outage, your electric can opener will be useless so have a hand operated can opener in your kitchen.

Your gas range may not ignite without power so have matches or a butane "match" available.

Have at least one "old fashioned" phone available, the kind that does not require that it be plugged into electricity. This can be very nice to have when the power is out but the phone lines are still operating and your cell phone runs out of power or the cell service is down.

Purchase an alternate way to charge your cell phone. A charger that works in your car is a handy way to do the job. You can also buy a small unit that holds a charge until you use it to recharge your phone such as this one on Amazon. (When the page comes up, click on "Open in a new window")

If a possible big storm is predicted, fill a tub or buckets with water. This will allow you to flush toilets or have drinking water available when your pump is out. Of course you can also get buckets of water out of the lake for toilet flushing.


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