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If you've never seen Ole and Lena jokes before, you're in for a treat. These Scandinavian transplants have been the butt of jokes in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin for years and, in the words of Ole, "It ain't about ta stop now, don't ya know".

Ole and Lena went to the fair. Ole was fascinated by the airplanes and asked a pilot how much a ride would cost.


"$10 for 3 minutes," replied the pilot.


"That's too much," said Ole.


The pilot thought for a second and then said, "I'll make you a deal. If you and your wife ride for 3 minutes without uttering a sound, the ride will be free. But if you make a sound, you'll have to pay $10."


Ole and Lena agreed and went for a wild ride.


After they landed, the pilot said to Ole, "I want to congratulate you for not making a sound. You are a brave man."


"Maybe so," said Ole, "but I gotta tell ya, I almost screamed when my wife fell out."

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