The Great Lake Hubert, Minnesota
Ole and Lena Jokes Page

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If you've never seen Ole and Lena jokes before, you're in for a treat. These Scandinavian transplants have been the butt of jokes in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin for years and, in the words of Ole, "It ain't about ta stop now, don't ya know".

Ole always caught his limit of fish and he would never tell anyone his secret. Finally the Game Warden threatened to take away Ole's license unless Ole taught him how he did it.

Ole finally agreed to meet him early one morning to go fishing. The Game Warden came with six rods and three tackle boxes, so he'd be ready for anything. Ole showed up with a small brown paper bag.

They climbed in a row boat and Ole rowed out to a spot on the lake. Ole then opened his bag and pulled out a stick of dynamite, lit it and tossed it into the water. After an explosion and shower of water, dozens of fish floated to the surface. Ole started to row the boat around picking up fish.

The Game Warden was surprised and furious. He shouted, "Ole, you can't do that! It's against the LAW!"

Ole calmly reached into his bag and took out another stick of dynamite and lit it. He tossed it to the Game Warden and asked, "Vell, are ya gonna to talk or ya gonna fish?"

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