for those who live at the lake

How to prepare for power outages before they occur
There are some things you might not think of before the power goes out.
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How to treat Poison Ivy rash
We know of a product that really works to stop poison ivy blisters after they start.
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How to Remove Ticks Without Tweezers
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What kind of Eagle did you see?
Check out our eagle identification photo page.
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How to remove pine sap
from your skin or the dog.
Would you believe ... peanut butter?
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How to prevent or cure swimmer's itch
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How to remove skunk odor
This one really works and it has nothing to do with tomato juice.
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How to prevent frozen septic systems
If we get a snowless winter, your septic system can easily freeze unless you take precautions.
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How to take care of your water well
to prevent health problems
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Deer eating all your plants?
Here's a list of plants that deer don't like to eat
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Bird Feeding tips from the DNR
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Learn how to know when the Northern Lights
are likely to be visible.
This site, called SpaceWeather.com, is by NASA, updates daily and is free
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Note: The next very active years for Aurora (Northern Lights) are 2023, 2024 and 2025 but any year will have some spectacular Northern Lights, which are usually linked to the number and intensity of sun spots.


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